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Two Minute Dog Trainer - Shelter Package

Two Minute Dog Trainer - Shelter Package

Product #: EB-071

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This is the Two-Minute Dog Trainer package for the local Shelter. The file contains seven (7) basic training brochures, intended to enhance the success with integrating the newly adopted shelter dog into a new home.

Each brochure will focus on powerful training methods for teaching important skills to a new dog:

1. choosing the right shelter dog
2. teaching new name and recall
3. housetraining
4. managing destructive behavior
5. greeting friendly strangers
6. walking on a leash
7. calming behaviors for your home

This is a nice package for your group to donate to your local shelter. It provides the shelter with new copies monthly or weekly, or with the originals. Printing the copies yourself, and keeping a rack of brochures stocked, ensures your name stays in front of folks who adopt dogs from the shelter.

This is both a community service plan and a marketing plan for your group, and can connect you with everyone who visits your local shelters

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