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Go Rally Notebook #2

Go Rally Notebook #2

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Go Rally Notebook #2. A rally obedience training guide for eight weeks. This is a companion workbook to the Go Rally Training Manual, by Marsha Houston; Natural, Continuous  Skills Training for Rally-O  Exhibitors  and Instructors.

Please note that this is an eBook, available for download only.

The Go Rally Training Notebook #2 includes eight weeks of rally obedience skills training. 

This Notebook focuses on these essential skills:

     Week 1: heeling, left and right turns, in-heel jumping
     Week 2: off-lead heeling, stay for walk-away, come-jump
     Week 3: lateral shift right, and lateral shifting front
     Week 4: pace changes, lateral sit-shift to the left, position changes
     Week 5: automatic sits, stay walk around, moving down and stand
     Week 6: finish right, forward right, finish left, forward left
     Week 7: around, front, retrieve
     Week 8: pivot right, pivot left, back-up 3 steps/dog in heel