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Agility Handout Resource Book

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The Agility Handout Reference Book includes 88 pages of handouts for beginners and advanced beginners classes, and for a wide array of special topics.



In our agility training curriculum it is impossible to accommodate every possible training issue that might rear its head. However, if a student has a special need that can be worked through in at at-home training program, the handout is a useful tool for directing the individual student.



We’ve found that handouts, especially at the beginners and advanced beginners levels, will help to retain students and diminish the drop-out rate. These beginning students are hungry for more information. If you can give them something to do at home they will increase their knowledge and skill and enhance their early chances for success. And so, in this era of instant gratification, you give them the possibility of early success by directing them in a program for at home work.



Special Thanks



The Agility Handout Resource Book is a compilation of handouts developed by a number of talented and selfless people in this sport. Sarah Babcock; Carla Baker; Nancy Krouse-Culley; Becky Dean; Patty; Gallegos; Bud Houston; Marsha Martin; Jo Ann Mather; Cheryl May; Barbara L. McNinch; Christy Netzer; Dana Pike; John Senger; and Priscilla Wild.



The Agility Handout Resource Book is published as a service to agility teachers everywhere. Contributors receive a free copy of the book, and will get copies of all revisions and additional volumes of the reference. Don’t hide your light under a stone. Contribute to the Agility Handout Resource Book.