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Electronic Books
This section contains a wealth of Electronic Books on a number of topics related to dog agility and obedience.

Jokers Notebook

The Jokers Notebook is a series of dog agility distance training workbooks by Bud Houston. These are the natural and more advancedevolution of his work in "Go the Distance". The workbooks are suitable for classroom instruction or the daily practice of an agility enthusiast working in the back yard.

Just For Fun Agility Notebook

This section of the store contains past issues of the Just For Fun Agility Notebook. Every issue of the Notebook is a complete one-month training curriculum for four levels of agility training. There is no value like it on the market.

Other Agility Resources

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RallyO and Obedience Books

TDAA Forms and Applications

TDAA Registration and Application forms. Pay online and get rapid response!

TDAA Webstore

TDAA signature gear and gifts.This part of the store is under construction.

JUST OPENED: we've just added on-line registration forms and applications; you can register a dog with the TDAA; become a member of the TDAA; register a member club; or apply to hold a sanctioned event. Payment is online... you'll download a form-fill PDF and email it back to us. We promose a rapid response!

Two Minute Dog Trainer



Book of Agility Games, 4th Ed

Quick Pay

Agility Training for a Small Universe / eBook

Go Rally Training Manual

A Peaceful Kingdom

Doodles by Design

Joker's Notebook #0

Joker's Notebook #1

Joker's Notebook #2

Joker's Notebook #3

Joker's Notebook #4

Joker's Notebook #5

Handling Techniques in Agility

Agility Handout Resource Book

2Min Dog Trainer Sports Foundation Pkg

TDAA Dog Registration

Go Rally! #1

Go Rally Notebook #2

Go Rally #2

Go Rally #3

Go Rally #4

Foringsteknikker i AGILITY

Go Rally #5

Go Rally #6

Construction Plans for Agility Equipment

Application for TDAA Membership

Jr. Handlers Agility Training Manual

Two Minute Dog Trainer - Shelter Package

TDAA Host Club Membership Application

Application to Host Agility Trial









JFF Notebook #22

Just For Fun Agility Notebook #21

Just For Fun Agility Notebook #20

Just For Fun Agility Notebook #19


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